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Welcome to "Way Back Then" a collection of Poems, Narratives and Stories written by my grandmother when she was 60 years old. I had these hosted on my personal WEB site, but started thinking, what happens when I die? No one will keep my web site up. So I decided to move to Bolgger. I hope these writings by my Grandmother will live on for many years to come.  I hope those of you that find her stories here enjoy her memories of New England life "Way Back Then".

"Known to me as Nana, my mothers mother. A woman I loved to sit and talk with."

                                                                                          - John L. Minerich

with John Minerich Jr.

Beatrice M. Hanson

Chicopee (Fairview), Massachusetts

May 1, 1907 to October 1, 1988 (81 Years)

~Nana with my son John Jr.

"These Poems, Narratives and Stories are dedicated to my parents who made all these pleasant memories possible."  bmh