About Beatrice M. Hanson

  • Her friends called her Bea.
  • Her maiden name was Beatrice Mellon
  • She was married to : Leonard Hanson (1899 - 1986)
  • She died at 81 (May 1, 1907 to October 1, 1988)
  • She lived in the Fairview section of Chicopee
  • They operated a poultry business "Hanson's Hennery" in the early years.
  • Bea would iron peoples clothes for extra money.
  • Leonard worked first as a type setter, than as a machine tender at a paper mill.
  • They had two children Gaye who lived to be 79 (Feb 26,1931 to Jan 19, 2010) and Shirley (Aug 20, XXXX )
  • Gaye Married John E. Minerich (of Paonia Colorado) and had two children, John (July 1952) & Thomas (May 1953) before her divorce.
  • Gaye Later Married Dr. Euclide DesRochers Jr.(of Chicopee, Massachusetts) and had two children, Euclide (Dec 1961) and Guy (Sept 1963). 
  • Shirley Married Stanley Halidina a USAF Pilot who's plane went missing on a mission in 1953. She never remarried and had no children.
  • She had an infectious laugh, and loved to play Canasta.
  • She had a favorite spot where she would sit with her legs crossed, and holding one nee looking out the window, rocking forward and back.
  • Her dad was Archie Mellen 
  • Her Moms maiden name was Temple
  • She had four sisters Thelma, Claire, Hilda, and Aileen
  • She had two brothers James Collester Mellen, and George Temple Mellen.

Nana with Gaye 1987

Gaye & Shirley & me in NY

Nana & Leonard with Gaye & Guy

Gaye, Nana & Shirley 1972